Jim Carrey is a Yes Man

Jim Carrey has truly given up on us. Gone forever is the hope that we all had after Eternal Sunshine that Carrey would become a dramatic leading man. The dream has been replaced by yet another lame comedy. The Hollywood Reporter are telling us that Carrey has signed on to star in Yes Man, a Warner Brothers comedy to be directed by The Break-Up helmer Peyton Reed. The studio have held the rights to the book since 2005 when Jack Black had been attached to star but for whatever reason that movie never happened.

Based on a memoir by British author Danny Wallace, the story centers on a man who decides to change his life by saying yes to everything that comes his way. Along the way he wins $45,000, meets a hypnotic dog, obtains a nursing degree, travels the globe and finds romance.
If you live outside the U.K. then you probably won't have heard of Danny Wallace but let me fill you in. Wallace is probably one of the least funniest men in Britain and what's even more painful is that he thinks he's hilarious. He will go on various talkshows or run his own Z grade programs fleeting his massive ego and of course promoting his equally unfunny books to the nation and for some reason people seem to dig him. Carrey would do very well to stay clear of Wallace and his writings but to be fair, Carrey has signed up for about 50 films in the last 18 months, only for 90% of them to mysteriously vanish in thin air... never to be spoken about again.


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