Jim Carrey says YES to jumping off a bridge

MovieWeb have provided us with some footage from Jim Carrey's next movie YES MAN, where he plays a character that literally has to say yes to everything. Including Bunjee jumping off a huge bridge, a stunt which Carrey has commendably done himself. He's certainly braver than I... YES MAN won't be out till Christmas and as you all know I've had nothing but bad things to say about Carrey's decision to do this movie. I've just felt for so long that BRUCE ALMIGHTY was about as far as Carrey could go with this type of comedy and that his career in that genre had completely ran it's course. I loved what he did with ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND and I liked his darker family friendly performance in LEMONY SNICKETT but his divergence back into comedy with FUN WITH DICK AND JANE was a big mistake. As bad as THE NUMBER 23 was, at least it was nice to see Carrey away from these comedies.

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