Updated: Jim Sheridan's DREAM HOUSE with Craig, Weisz, Watts delayed till Sept 2011

Updated: I've been informed that the filming dates on the re-shoots will be taking place 21st of November - 17th December. And it turns out that Satsuki Mitchell was not working on Dream House.
Filming wrapped a while ago on Jim Sheridan's psychological thriller Dream House but after mixed test screenings in the summer, Universal ordered two weeks of re-shoots but getting the three stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts' schedules to coincide for that to happen was always going to be difficult. The extra required filming was meant to happen in September, then October and now eventually we are told it will happen next month. And now thus, the studio have delayed the release of the film by over seven months, pushing it's original February 12th release to September 30th 2011. Though the extended shift in date is surely curious as one wouldn't think over half a year's post-production is required on just two weeks of filming - so maybe Universal think with the new additions they could well have an awards contender on their hands? A late September bow would certainly suit a glamorous Toronto Film Festival premiere, the city where the film has been shot. Craig stars as a successful New York publisher (the image above is from filming earlier this year), Weisz his wife. The plot revolves around their new 'Dream House' in New England being tainted by the shock revelation that the previous tennats were murdered, leading Craig's character to team with a neighbour (Watts) to discover the truth. Fairly thin/routine thriller material for Sheridan but there's some quality acting talent on display here. And although we aren't a gossip site, because it's related and I suppose whilst we are here, it's sad to hear the news that Weisz and her longtime partner Darren Aronofsky have gone their separate ways. Unexpected and a real shame that both their relationship and that of Sam Mendes/Kate Winslet AND Cameron Crowe/Nancy Wilson (all three couples were enduring and seemed solid) have all split so closely together. Of course the rumour is that 007 himself Daniel Craig swooped in on Weisz during filming of Dream House, both cheating on their partners (Craig's fiance is actually a producer on Dream House) and if that is indeed true, you can probably forget Weisz/Aronofsky ever being able to work together to make that Jackie Kennedy biopic they were planning. But hey, gossip sites/tabloids were always going to come up with the Craig affair story seeing as though he was her co-star at the time of the split - so there's a good chance it's rubbish.
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