Joel Schmaucher to direct rom-com featuring the ghost of Barry White helping a kid get laid??

There was a time when I used to vilify Joel Schmaucher and lament his ever astonishing project announcements, but I no longer really need to write commentary anymore, do I? He can make himself look crazy all by himself. An incredible rumour has surfaced at Pajiba today (via their reliable Hollywood Cog) that states the former Batman & Robin helmer will get over his traumatic experience on his last movie Twelve (by all accounts the biggest flop of the year) by developing The Barry White Story as a potential directing project. Ok, from the title alone that doesn't sound too bad does it? There's a certain dignity that it alludes to and although we've moved away from music biopics lately, there's always room for the story of Barry White, and we could maybe see Forest Whitaker doing the iconic soul singer some justice. It could even have been potential Oscar material. WRONG! Schmaucher, who went nuts after he made Falling Down in '93 and aptly his career has nosedived since - (only Tigerland is tolerable since) will instead be making it as a She's Out of My League esque rom-com, with, get this, THE GHOST OF BARRY WHITE trying to mentor a pathetic and socially awkward kid into getting laid more. So unbelievable that it has to be true, right? The movie is setup at Hollywood Gang Productions (300, Everybody's Fine) and is searching for writers.
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