Joel Schmaucher To Direct THE HIVE But Few People Care

Do I feel sorry for director Joel Schmaucher and the state of his current career and stunning fall from grace (after the mauling The Number 23 received, his last two films, Blood Creek & Twelve have been dumped in theatres and ripped to shreds by critics!)? Not one bit. Karma always gets you in the end and he should consider his current punishment apt from the crime of ruining the Batman franchise post-Tim Burton with the neon, bat-nipple, 60's Adam West camp disasters Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Come to think of it maybe his punishment isn't enough. Schmaucher is currently in post-production on a movie with the much maligned Nicolas Cage, a $35 million budgeted €˜kidnapped couple thriller€™ titled Tresspass, which co-stars Nicole Kidman. That one is due in theatres in Holland on September 1st, bizarrely, but no word of a UK/US release yet. And now Variety say his next movie to film will be The Hive, an original suspense thriller from Troika Pictures. Written by Rich D'Ovidio (Exit Wounds, Thirteen Ghosts) - the movie tells the story of an "emergency operator who must confront a killer from her past to save a young girl's life". This one won't have anything like a $35 million budget so don't expect the names he got for Tresspass to be any indicator of cast for this one (Cage is said to have received $10 million for Tresspass alone) which will probably be filled by actors a few notches down the food chain. Meanwhile we wait with bated breath for when we might see Tresspass...
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