John Cusack to be a hitman again!

10103968A~John-Cusack-Serendipity-Posters.jpgI've only recently seen Grosse Pointe Blank for the first time and I thought it was pretty good, I loved John Cusack's performance as a hitman who just happens to be an ordinary guy. Well the news today is that he will playing a hitman once again for the movie Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens, but this time there will be a political satire edge. The dark comedy which he co-wrote see's Cusack hired to kill a Middle East oil minister whilst posing as a trade show producer filming the wedding of a pop star and a politican as cover. His sister and frequent co-star Joan Cusack has also signed on to the film along with Hilary Duff (as the popstar i guess) and Marisa Tomei. Apart from Hilary Duff being in it the movie sounds pretty good. I like John Cusack a hell of a lot, he's so damn likeable in every role he plays even if the character is not really a nice guy. Filiming begins in Bulgaria this month. source - variety, empire
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