John Lasseter returns to save CARS 2

Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios CEO will now co-direct Cars 2 in an effort to save the troubling production.

Cars2, the forthcoming sequel to the most troublesome of Pixar's 11 movies and the only one I genuinely don't like, will be co-directed by John Lasseter it's been announced today. Here's what I make of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios CEOreturning to direct his first movie in four years... 1) The rumours back in February that severe story troubles were plaguing Cars 2 is probably true. 2) Lasseter has less faith in Pixar producer Brad Lewis (Ratatouille, Antz) than he previously gave him credit for. Lewis will be making his directorial debut with the film, albeit now co-helming. 3) Panic is setting in at Pixar that it might not hit it's scheduled June 2011 release, just 12 months away now. 4) The only worthwhile reason to see Cars 2 in theatres will be the Toy Story short before it. Word is Cars 2 will follow Mater (again voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) who gets his own passport and takes a global trip with Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson). One major new character to be introduced is Finn McMissile, the James Bond of the Cars universe, described as a smooth talking Aston Martin. The plot will be a case of mistaken identity as Mater gets set up in a North by Northwest situation. Did I mention there would be a Toy Story short before it?

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