Leguizamo & Breslin cast in Shyamalan's The Happening

John Leguizamo has been cast in M. Night Shyamalan's next film The Happening which is being setup at 20th Century Fox. Leguizamo will be playing the best friend to lead Mark Wahlberg, the man who takes his family on the run when a natural disaster threatens the end of the world. Spencer Breslin, the 15 year old brother of Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin has also been cast, in a role described as 'a typical teenage boy, a bit of a smart ass'. It would seem likely Spencer will be the son of Wahberg. Zooey Deschanel's role in the movie also has yet to be confirmed although it's likely to be the wife of Wahlberg's character. Filming begins next month in Philadelphia with a release date of June 13th 2008 already set in stone. source - the hollywood reporter, variety

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