John Rhys-Davies turns down THE HOBBIT

Davies turns down the chance to play Gloin, the Dwarf father of Gimli - his character from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

John Rhys-Davies was always the obvious casting choice to play Gloin in Guillermo del Toro's The Hobbit, the father of the dwarf warrior Gimli whom he played in The Lord of the Rings trilogy but sadly, Rhys-Davies has told Empire that he has turned the offer to return. He has spurned the opportunity to play his famous character's father because of a mixture of repeating himself and the physical strain of having to go through those heavy make-up hours once again. Gimli_With_AxeJohn Rhys-Davies was a Dwarf in The Lord of The Rings trilogy, despite being taller than co-stars Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom.

"I've already been asked and to be honest with you, I wouldn't," Rhys-Davies said. "I have already completely ruled it out. There's a sentimental part of me that would love to be involved again. Really I am not sure my face can take that sort of punishment any more."
You can read the interview in full HERE and it's worth noting that he hasn't ruled out completely a return to Middle-Earth, he just doesn't want to play the same kind of part again. He would return for an Elf or any of the other characters in the movie, just not a dwarf.
I'd be interested in trying to create a different type of persona within... the thing. That is challenging as an actor. I'd really prefer to play something quite different. Maybe an Elf. They've got a different set of problems with The Hobbit because you've got 13 dwarves, a whole band of them... You're trying to represent a whole race... You're trying to do for dwarves what The Lord of the Rings did for hobbits. "
My second choice (and many others among the web it seems) is Brian Blessed. And yes, that's two mentions of Blessed on OWF in one day. That has to be a first!

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