John Wick Chapter 3: 10 Things We Want To See

John Wick's time is up.

John Wick 2 John Dies At The End
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With John Wick: Chapter Two proving to be a smash hit with critics and audiences alike, it's safe to say that a third movie is absolutely happening.

Smartly, the recent sequel did a fantastic job of boxing Keanu Reeves' fleet-footed assassin into one Hell of a corner for the next movie, managing that rare feat of making a second sequel feel absolutely essential.

The series' track record definitely leaves a lot of fans confident that Reeves and co. can round out the trilogy in strong style, short of getting complacent after Chapter Two's superb success.

These 10 points will serve as a reminder of what the movie can and should accomplish in order to end the franchise with a satisfying bang.


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