John Williams Confirmed As Star Wars: Episode VII Composer!

John-Williams--> This might have been expected, but it€™s very welcome nonetheless. The first solid confirmation out of Germany€™s Star Wars: Celebration Europe isn€™t that JJ Abrams is moving on, but rather that Oscar-winning composer John Williams is coming back to score Star Wars: Episode VII. Williams, whose legendary music is fused to the spirit of Star Wars, can even been seen talking about his intent to score the next chapter in the legacy. Of course, if you notice, he€™s mentioned only Episode VII specifically and not the entire trilogy. Good enough to have him back for this next go-round though. In fact, if you want to get down to it, if there€™s any returning element of the Star Wars franchise that would be essential to bonding the new films to the old, it would be Williams. His work is the one consistently outstanding element in the franchise. When dialogue was too wooden, direction too erratic, acting too stilted, or special effects too overwhelming, Star Wars always sounded epic and moving. From Duel of the Fates to Across the Stars (who cares it€™s ripping off Hook) and Battle of the Heroes, the aural splendor of the prequels far outweighed the action onscreen, and in some cases gave it momentum it never would have had otherwise. So, come what may for Episode VII, we can now be assured to leave the theater humming regardless of how we feel about what we just saw. What do you think? It€™s good to have Williams aboard right?
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