Johnny Depp Is The Invisible Man!

Universal's Classic Movie Monster shared universe is starting to come together.

After the recent announcement that Tom Cruise will be headlining Alex Kurtzman's reboot of The Mummy (for a June 2017 release), Universal have pulled off another coup by recruiting Johnny Depp for a different creature feature in the works - this one, a rehash of The Invisible Man. It's unknown when the film will take its bow, and there's no word as yet in regards to what other talent might be being pursued at the moment. Universal must have a pretty strong vision in place for the film if Depp has signed on without a director already being in place - that, or he's going to have his say when it comes to the final decision. Universal's plans to do this whole Marvel-esque thing with their classic horror movie monsters has been buzzed about for some time now. Whilst it may have been scoffed at as a shameless cash-in on the shared universe format in the past, the caliber that they've been attaching to these films of late is nothing to turn noses up at. Blagging two of the biggest movie stars on the planet is a clear indicator of how serious Universal are about the revamp of such an iconic part of their studio history. It also shows how impressive arch-orchestrator Kurtzman and co-producer Chris Morgan must have been with their pitching skills - as it stands, this is all turning into a very interesting situation, very quickly. The Invisible Man currently has no release date scheduled. The Mummy is due out on 9 June, 2017.

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