Johnny Storm joins The Night Watchman

chris_evans.jpgFantastic Four and Sunshine star Chris Evans has joined the cast of David Ayer's new movie The Night Watchman. Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker have already been cast in the movie which is Ayer's second movie after Harsh Times. Although there has been no official press release, the actor spilled the news to IGN found through Moviehole...
"I play this guy named Diskant. He's a cop, good cop," Evans informed IGN. "When Keanu gets framed or implicated in this murder, he's the cop in charge of the investigation." He added, "David Ayer's directing it. I've met David; I've met Keanu. They all seem great."
Evans did a good job for most of the running time in Sunshine and his ease and comfortable presence in the Fantastic Four make him the most watch able thing in that franchise. I kinda like this guy and I wanna see more of his work... so I guess he is doing something right.

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