Joker: 5 Theories That Actually Improve It

How do you improve something so... imperfectly perfect?

Warner Bros.

Joker was a smash hit. Despite the controversy surrounding its release, the Scorsese inspired comic book movie broke box office records for October releases, despite a raft of controversy around it.

While both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have both been dismissive of a sequel in the past, the success of the movie among critics and the box office has led to the inevitable chatter in the industry. Phillips and Phoenix have stopped short of confirming another movie, but they have both expressed an interest in continuing the Joker's story if a compelling plot can be found.

That being said, it should not be too difficult to find a compelling plot considering the number of questions this movie raises. These questions have also led to a slew of fan theories about this villain's place in the DC Extended Universe, a future appearance of Batman, or even if Arthur Fleck was *the* Joker at all! This article will introduce some of the more interesting theories about the movie, some of which will open doors for future sequels.

*Spoilers for Joker ahead*


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