Joker Movie: Joaquin Phoenix Responds To DC Casting Speculation

Talk about being coy...

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
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Just when it was beginning to look like the upcoming Joker Origin stand-alone was getting its act together with the casting of Joaquin Phoenix, the actor has thrown an almighty spanner into the works.

On the press tour for his latest film, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, Phoenix was asked about the rumours that he's set to be the latest actor to play Mr J. And rather than offering a coy "no comment" or something similarly evasive, he was a little more direct.

In an interview with Allocine, Phoenix remained evasive:

“What movie about a Joker? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

If he's genuinely in talks, he's clearly decided not to make it known, but there is a possibility that Phoenix is being genuine here. Which presumably means he doesn't pay any attention to film news at all.

The reports of his possible attachment to the project had spoken with confidence that it was all but done, with director Todd Phillips simply waiting for a studio green-lit. But this changes things somewhat, even if it might not mean all that much in concrete terms.

After all, maybe he's just joking...?

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