Jon Favreau & Vince Vaughn's COUPLES RETREAT gets hilarious trailer...

I could watch Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn on screen bantering "guy chat" to each other all movie long, so of course I was hooked from the first moment of the trailer for Couples Retreat, a comedy that should be positioning itself as this year's Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a guy flick similarly set on a tropical island that made $104 million worldwide). Written by Favreau but directed by his pal and usual producer Peter Billingsley (his directorial debut), the movie follows four couples of friends who visit an island paradise in order to sort out their troublesome relationships with one an other. It's almost like a kind of Friends: The Movie and I'm certain one of the later series of that show did something like this. couplef-rre Vaughns paired with Malin Ackerman, Jon Favreau's got Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, Jason Bateman's married to Kristen Bell, And two actors I'm not overly aware of, Faizon Love's with Tasha Smith. Cameo's a plenty from Jean Reno, Ken Jeong and the legend that is Peter Serafinowicz, who steals the whole trailer. Hopefully he's got some great screentime.

The trailer made me laugh four separate times, so that's usually a good sign and I'm always one who can get easily drawn in by guy comedies. I'll be seeing this when Couples Retreat opens October 9th in the U.S. and a week later in the U.K. How about you?
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