Jonah Hill LEAVES The Batman, Seth Rogen Almost Played Penguin!

And to think we were just one Mintz-Plasse away from the Superbad reunion we all deserve...

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Sadly, a little over a month since it was first reported that Jonah Hill was in talks for a role in Matt Reeves' The Batman, it has now emerged the actor has left the project - for now at least.

As per Variety, news first broke of Hill's involvement with The Batman during an early stage in talks between the actor's camp and Warner Bros., when a deal was far from complete. It's currently unknown as to why Hill backed out in the end, but The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit implied that it may have something to do with payment, reiterating WB's determination not to see a repeat of Batman '89, where star Jack Nicholson walked away with a hefty paycheque.

Far more interesting, though, are Kit's comments regarding another of the film's yet to be cast roles - The Penguin.

Initial reports had claimed that Hill was in talks for either the part of Penguin or Riddler, but once both parties had settled on the latter option, it appears as though WB made moves to cast Seth Rogen as Oswald Cobblepot.

It looks as though both actors won't be involved in The Batman now, however - no matter how much we all desperately need to hear Rogen's trademark laugh in a comic book movie at some point further down the line.


Are you disappointed Hill won't get to play Riddler? Would Seth Rogen have been a good Penguin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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