Jonathan Demme To Direct Stephen King's Time Travel/JFK Assassination Novel 11/22/63

Silence of the Lambs veteran to helm story about a teacher who goes back in time to stop the U.S. President from being gunned down!

Just days after Warner Bros committed themselves to making The Stand, comes news from Variety that Stephen King's next novel 11/22/63 could also be heading to the big screen. Jonathan Demme, the veteran helmer of The Silence of the Lambs has attached himself to write, produce and direct. King would serve as exec producer. I love Stephen King's bookography and anticipate every new release like I do returning to a favourite restaurant. I know what I like and he annually serves it up and his latest just sounds delicious... a time travel/JFK Assassination novel that tells the story of Jake Epping, a frustrated teacher who goes through a time portal to 1958 to spend the next few years trying to stop the killing of the gunned down U.S. President, to change the course of history and setup a new life for himself in a world where mobile phones and computers were stuff of sci-fi like Star Trek (which actually hadn't quite aired yet... a world pre-Kirk if you can imagine it!!). It's a high concept sci-fi/drama and one that I just can't wait to see unfold both on page and especially on screen! - (though didn't they do this on Quantum Leap and The Twilight Zone??) 11/22/63 (titled because that was the date JFK was shot down), the cover of the book is certainly striking and it's expected that this will be one of King's biggest sellers in a while but just to make sure (and to give King fans chance to actually read it first) - Demme/King aren't going after financing just yet as they don't want shooting to begin until fall 2012 where hopefully a boat load of copies have been sold and financing won't be a problem. Having spent the last few years making documentaries and t.v. pilots, this will be Demme's first big screen movie since Rachel Getting Married three years ago... According to - 11/22/63: A Novel is coming November 8th and it's expected to come in at well over a thousand pages!! My pre-order went out today.
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