Josh Holloway joins MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4

Look for actor Josh Holloway to take more movie roles now that his annual paycheck of portraying the brooding, Goldy-locked, anti-hero James "Sawyer" Ford is over with now that 'Lost' has concluded. His first major big screen role then will be a supporting gig in 'Mission Impossible 4', produced of course by the man who made him a star, Lost creator J.J. Abrams. Holloway will play one of the MI team members that for this movie includes Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, newcomer agents, Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton, with the returning Ving Rhames (whose Luther Stickell has appeared in all four movies!!) and the comic relief, Simon Pegg. Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov is also on board, undoutbedly as a villain, as you know - he is Russian. 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Swede Michael Nyqvist is the big bad and has mighty shoes to fill after Phillip Seymour Hoffman's energetic and memorable turn from the last film. His character is supposeldy "very charming, but calculating bad guy. Not your typical spy-film villain.€ Excitedly, Brad Bird ('The Incredibles') makes his live-action feature debut, from a script by former 'Alias' writers Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec. The film will begin production this fall under the codename "Aries" with heavy shooting in Dubai expected, along with time shot in the U.S., Vancouver and Prague. The movie is aiming for a Dec 16th, 2011 release.
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