Joshua Jackson to star as Fletch & director found

josh.jpgJoshua Jackson will star as Fletch in a prequel movie based on the character that was made famous in the 1980's by Chevy Chase. This comes after Zach Braff dropped out of the role some months back as did his Scrubs director Bill Lawrence who was attached to helm. I've never seen Fletch or it's sequel Fletch Lives, so please pardon my ignorance on this one. All I do know is that the project has become something of an elevated importance to many on the web.
Fletch Won tells the story of a young Fletch on his first story. When the man Fletch is about to interview turns up dead, Fletch takes it upon himself to figure out who killed him.
IESB where this story broke, also claim that Accepted director Steve Pink has been hired for the job. Jackson has great comedic timing I know that but like I say, I know nothing of this Fletch character.
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