Journey to the Centre of the Earth IN 3D!!!!

journeytocenter_1959_1sheet.jpgCinema Blend have got the scoop from The Hollywood Reporter than the Jules Verne classic sci-fi novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth is set to receive yet another big screen adaptation, this time specifically made for Real-3D! I have no idea what on Earth Real-3D is, so i'm going to let Cinema Blend give us more on the project... Apparently they€™re an IMAX 3-D competitor. It€™s a little bit newer technology, one which can project both 2D and 3D using a single digital projector and a special liquid-crystal screen placed in front of the projector to polarize the pictures. The effect is supposed to be fairly similar to the one you get from IMAX 3-D, only a little bit better. Journey 3-D will use the special cameras James Cameron developed to shoot his 3-D documentaries Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep. If you saw either of those in a 3-D theater, then you know what a different experience it is than the three or four minutes of 3-D you get in movies like, say, Superman Returns. It€™s really impressive. Imagine how much more impressive it will be on a real feature film, and not just an underwater documentary. The movie will apparently be titled Journey 3-D and will star Brendan Fraser in the lead role along with child star Josh Hutcherson. I love the 1959 adaptation of the Jules Verne story with Pat Boon and the awesome James Mason, and the idea of it being re-made with 3D technology does get me slightly giddy. I like the choice of Fraser too, he worked really well in The Mummy and an adventure movie role along the same lines is certainly welcomed by me. Like I say I'm a little dumb when it comes to 3D so I don't know if this will be released in worldwide theatres of just conventional one's next summer. Cinema Blend say that this movie will give us a nice taste of what is to come with James Cameron'sAvatar scheduled for 2009 which will be worth the ticket price alone! source - cinema blend, the hollywood reporter
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