Judd Apatow's Next Film is KNOCKED UP Spin-Off, Featuring Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann

The married couple that Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann portrayed inKnocked Up was basically a film extension of Judd Apatow's own relationship with his wife, who uncoincidentally is actress Leslie Mann! If you remember, their real life children also acted as their own kids in the film, as they did in his follow-up Funny People (where I guess Apatow then became Eric Bana, and his best friend Adam Sandler became the one who wanted to steal his wife... a sign of meta films going crazy). Now it's been announced by Variety that Apatow's fourth writing/directing effort will see Rudd & Mann reprise their roles from Funny People in a new spin-off that is slated for a June 1st, 2012 release. A Universal publicist tells us to think 'Get Him To The Greek' and how supporting characters of one film were elevated into the spotlight and I guess it continues the expansion of Apatow's comedy film universe, his own version of Marvel! Though like Jonah Hill's character in Greek being different from Forgetting Sarah Marshall - they could be playing spirited, alternative versions of their previous couple. Apatow is still putting the final touches to his screenplay and tweeted last month that he was on page 112 of his draft. No title has yet to be revealed but we do know shooting begins this summer and I just wonder if Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill will make appearances and any of the other Knocked Up players? Surely Katherine Heigl, who played Leslie Mann's sister in Knocked Up, won't be returning given how vocal she has been about her dislike of the film and Apatow/Rogen's movies in general. What's the plot going to be? High-concept, action plot - a movie about martial affairs - having another baby? Whatever it is, I'm there. I really loved Funny People, Apatow's maturest movie yet and I hope the public dislike of the film won't stop his growing pains into more adult fare like it did his star Adam Sandler.
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