Jude Law: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

More than just a pretty face.

Somewhere around 2004, audiences seemed to get sick of Jude Law. Not because they thought he was talentless or that he couldn't act or that they'd misjudged his abilities - they'd just had enough. He'd appeared in too many movies (six that year) and overexposure had drained all the appeal and mystery from within. So Jude, presumably realising this, went away for a while. He didn't quit acting or make a drastic statement about it all, but he disappeared for a year - 2005 was an entirely Jude-less year. In retrospect, the time out might've saved his career. Nowadays, of course, there's no sense of "too much Jude" in the air. He's taken his place as one of Hollywood's most sought after leading men - an actor who is willing to throw himself into pretty much any role, though his tendency to play gentlemen-ly types has led to a fair few instances of what some might call typecasting. Still, Jude is one of very few actors (George Clooney beside him) who reeks of Hollywood's "Golden Era" - like Cary Grant, he's a true "movie star." Born in Lewisham in London, England, he's confident, sophisticated, handsome, intelligent... Yes, it's safe to say that Law looks right at home on the red carpet, but like Cary Grant, he's not just a pretty face: over the course of his long career (he's still only 42, don't you know?), Law has given some truly remarkable performances - though, given the frequency in which he turns up in gossip columns and on the cover of celebrity magazines, it's easy to forget that he's such an accomplished actor. Still, as is the case with almost everyone in his profession, Law has delivered occasionally questionable, mediocre or downright jarring performances. To celebrate the release of comedy Spy caper, erm, Spy this week, let's take a look at 5 awesome Jude Law performances and 5 performances that sucked...

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