Julianne Moore: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

We cast our eyes back on the always great actress Julianne Moore. Well, almost always great.

As one of Hollywood's Golden Girls, Julianne Moore can effortlessly switch between comedy, action, drama and horror at a moment's notice, while remaining fantastic across any genre she chooses. British-American by birth, she constantly brings confidence and dramatic weight to her roles to the point where just associating her name with a project adds a further sprinkling of prestige. Naturally, this talent has been recognised by her peers, with Oscar nominations for her brilliant performances in Boogie Nights, The Hours and The End Of The Affair. However, like every actor in Hollywood, Julianne Moore has also been in her fair share of duds, appearing in the just plain bad €“ the reliably awful Movie 43, which features so heavily on these lists it should come with its own special reservation €“ and in projects that simply weren't right for her, such as the noble misfire that was Hannibal. It's not that we didn't enjoy some aspects, but it's hard for anyone to replace Jodie Foster in the role which bagged her an Oscar. So in honour of Non-Stop's cinematic release (and as we've already run down the best and worst of lead Liam Neeson), we'll be taking a look at Moore's huge and wide-ranging career in the movies to find and analyse 10 of her performances €“ 5 that were awesome and 5 that sucked. And please note that her performances aren't any comment on the quality of the films, but just her roles within them.

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