Jurassic World: 10 Things That Completely Ruined Fallen Kingdom

10. A Painfully Unfunny Supporting Cast

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Zia

Though Fallen Kingdom features a huge number of returning cast members from the last movie, it also features the introduction of three new main characters - each one more annoying than the last. Two, Daniella Pineda's Zia and Justice Smith's Franklin, join Owen and Claire to round off the heroes. Unfortunately, both are designed to be mere comic relief, with the latter in particular having some of the worst lines in the entire film.

Though it lays both newcomers on thick in the first act, the film then proceeds to forget about both towards the climax, leaving you with the feeling that either they were shoehorned into the script at the last minute, or the filmmakers simply got as sick of them as the audience will halfway through editing the movie.

The final new character, Ted Levine's villain Ken, fares no better, hampered by horrible attempts at comedy and quirks that amount to nothing in the long run. The only thing stopping him from being entirely forgettable is one moment that's inevitably going to be turned into a meme once the film is out in the wild.


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