Jurassic World: 21 Stunning Images Every Fan Should See

Pre-release photos and leaked images from the fourth Jurassic Park movie!

After over a decade in development hell, we're finally getting another installment in the ever-entertaining Jurassic Park series. The fourth film is due to release on June 12, 2015, and will go by the title of Jurassic World. Jurassic World is set on Isla Nublar from the first Jurassic Park, twenty-two years after the events of the original. Isla Nublar is now the setting of a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, owned by the friendly-sounding Masrani Corporation. Due to flagging attendance rates, a new attraction is created at Jurassic World in order to increase interest, which ends up backfiring horribly. This list takes a look at 21 stunning Jurassic World images to get you excited for some killer dinosaur action. From leaked set photos to official teasers, each of these entries offer tantalising clues on what'll be on offer during your visit next year to Jurassic World...

21. A Familiar Shadow, Teased Over Twitter


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