Just what character is this guy playing in Gotham?

sm2preg.jpgLA Daily News are reporting that actor Anthony Michael Hall has been cast in The Dark Knight but the big question is... in what role exactly? Hall, the lead actor of the Stephen King T.V. series The Dead Zone is probably better known to you and me as appearing in the cool 80's movies The Breakfast Club and Weird Science. This is what Hall cryptically said about the role...
"I signed a confidentiality agreement, and I can't say which part I'm playing because it affects the story," said Hall. "I can't give away the suspense - it's a $200 million surprise, and I don't want to be the guy to ruin it." "They're shooting in London, Chicago and Hong Kong. My next dates are in Chicago, the third week of August with Morgan, then I get to go back to London." "It's really a great role," he added. "I'm in throughout the whole movie, and I'm really looking forward to working with Christian and Morgan and all these real Hollywood heavy hitters."
I'm absolutely stumped. I have no idea what character Hall could be playing. I had thought they had done all the major casting for the movie but it would seem that isn't the case. I know he would make a great Riddler but I can't imagine Christopher Nolan putting in another big villain in his flick. Film Ick claim that his role could be that of a Batman wannabe or imitator, which is a little easier to believe. Any thoughts on who the guy could be playing, I have no clue. source - coming soon
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