Just when you thought Zemeckis had gotten it out of his system – YELLOW SUBMARINE mo-caps in April

Apologies for the rather snarky headline but behind-the-scenes here at Obsessed With Film we have spent the last two weeks celebrating the return of Robert Zemeckis' classic 'Back to the Future' on our big screens, and we weren't ready to be reminded that he doesn't make real movies anymore. 'Saw' actor Carey Elwes told MTV at the New York Comic Con that Zemeckis will be shooting 'Yellow Submarine' in April, a motion captured remake of the psychedelic 1968 animated Beatles film that will star computerized versions of the famous band members, as lead characters. With the closing of his ImageMovers studio, we thought the movie was long dead but it seems, unless someone forgot to tell Elwes, the movie will film next year with Elwes motion-performing George Harrison alongside Brits Dean Lennox Kelly (as John Lennon), Peter Serafinowicz (as Paul McCartney) and Adam Campbell (as Ringo Starr). If you are wondering why you haven't heard of half the cast - it's because all the money for the movie has gone on the expensive technology and indeed securing the rights to 16 of the original Beatles songs, leaving barley anything left for anyone else. It's been ten years since Zemeckis made the very-worthy 'Cast Away', his last live action film and I've been saddened to say I've missed the filmmaker I used to know. His more recent works 'The Polar Express', 'Beowulf' (which I enjoyed) and 'A Christmas Carol', as much as Zemeckis will disagree, just aren't as interesting as when he used to shoot actors on locations. Definitely can't deny he has enjoyed playing with his toys but forgive us for getting excited over WB's newly acquired blockbuster screenplay Timeless, which Zemeckis is attached to as a potential live-action tentpole, a project we had our hearts set on him making next, and not a continuation of Beatlemania's never-ending marketing machine.
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