Justice League Dark Review: 4 Ups & 5 Downs

Batman and Friends.

Justice League Dark Batman Constantine
Warner Bros.

The long-awaited Justice League Dark animated film is available now on all good VOD platforms, and like many of Warner Bros' recent DC animations, it's honestly a bit of a mixed bag.

Fans of the titular group will no doubt get a sure measure of joy out of seeing Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman getting their own film, especially with an R-rating, but it's also abundantly clear that some big concessions have been made in order to get it out to the masses.

It's certainly not frustrating on the level of last summer's controversial adaptation of The Killing Joke, but it absolutely leaves the viewer craving more and wishing that Warner Bros. had a little more faith in audiences to turn out for a faithful rendition of the comic book counterpart.

Here are 4 ups and 5 downs from Justice League Dark...


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