Justice League: DC Legend Says Zack Snyder WASN'T Fired

Yet more twists in the tale...

Zack Snyder
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While the rest of the world loses its collective sh*t over Infinity War, there's still news coming out from that other big superhero ensemble franchise on the other side of the divide. And the latest - as well as talk of Chris McQuarrie possibly directing Man of Steel 2 - is that actually Zack Snyder WASN'T fired from Justice League.

Some reports had emerged in the wake of the film's release that suggested that the director had been dismissed rather than walking away to concentrate on his family in the wake of a profound personal tragedy. The final straw had apparently been his "unwatchable" first cut, which Warner Bros were said to have taken as an opportunity to get shot of him.

But that is not the case according to DC legend - and DC Entertainment's Co-Publisher - Jim Lee, who appeared at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and revealed that Snyder did choose to step aside himself (as revealed on Reddit).


This will no doubt further stoke the fires under those who still want the Snyder Cut to be released, though you'd think that if there was no ill-will between the studio and the director, then releasing the Cut wouldn't be that difficult. Which may well suggest that the rumours that it simply doesn't exist are true - though Snyder's Vero activity seems to suggest that there is a fair bit of deleted footage out there to work with.

Either way, this probably isn't the last we'll hear of this story.


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