Justice League: The Snyder Cut - What The Cast And Crew Have Said About It

How much do you trust Jason Momoa?

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This November will mark three years since superhero team-up Justice League hit cinemas, and in that time, director Zack Snyder's unreleased, alternate version of the movie has become one of the hottest topics within the film fan community.

Snyder left the project in May 2017 after being hit with a terrible family tragedy, and as a result, Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran Joss Whedon was brought in to guide the film over the finish line, performing some extensive reshoots along the way.

However, before leaving, Snyder had already shot pretty much everything that he wanted to shoot. This means that footage from his "Snyder Cut" is definitely real, even though it's unlikely that there's a special effects-complete, colour graded, scored, and coherently-edited version of his movie just lying on a shelf somewhere.

Or is there?

Because that raw footage does exist, the cast and crew who helped bring it to life are all uniquely positioned to talk about the Snyder Cut: what state it's currently in, whether it should be released, and how it compares to Whedon's theatrical cut.

And so, we've gathered up some of their comments! Here's what some of Justice League's major creative players have said about the mythical Snyder Cut...


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