K-Fed, in a movie with Forest Whitaker? WTF!

kevin_narrowweb__300—3900.jpgThe latest casting for the LAPD movie Night Watch is a strange one. Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed, aka the guy who twice knocked up Britney Spears has a "small but notable role" in the film that will mark his feature acting debut. I really hope he gets a scene opposite Forest Whitaker, just so whoever made the decision to cast K-Fed can see how much of a big mistake they have made! Although, if they put him in a scene with Keanu Reeves then would we really notice? A bit harsh perhaps but when a role doesn't suit Reeves, his films can be painful to watch. That's probably why he gets the job of playing a cop all the time because he ain't too bad at that. The cast is really coming together now. Alongside the trio just mentioned, are Hugh Laurie, Common, Naomi Harris and I believe Cedric the Entertainer for director David Ayer. source - hollywood.com, cinematical
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