Karl Urban: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

4. Éomer - The Lord Of The Rings

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Urban’s first major role, although one that didn’t really lead to greater things straight away, was as Éomer in The Lord Of The Rings.

It’s not the most complex character - he’s not got the parental conflict of Faramir or the social injustice of Éowyn - but Urban pitches the conflicted honourable knight fighting against injustice well enough to flesh him out. You could call him The Lord Of The Rings’ Ned Stark if it wasn’t for all that Boromir stuff.

What solidifies him as a great, though, is his part to play in one of the trilogy’s most undeniably awesome moments. Helm's Deep was going to be cut in an earlier attempt at an adaptation, yet it now stands as one of the series' highlights.


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