Katy Perry Favourite To Play Freddie Mercury's Girlfriend in Biopic?

27-year-old pop singer could play Mercury's long-time girlfriend Mary Austin in GK Films' biopic of the late Queen frontman.

Katy Perry is in the mix to play Freddie Mercury's long-time girlfriend Mary Austin in GK Films' biopic of the late Queen frontman, according to a report in The Mirror. The 27-year-old pop singer has yet to act in a live-action feature film but she has recently started to flirt with movies having voiced Smurfette in the children's animated movie "The Smurfs". Though when you start to delve into The Mirror's story, it does suggest they are basing the whole report of Perry's link to the biopic on a quote an unnamed friend said;
€œKaty would love to be in the film as she is such a huge fan. She would want to play Mary Austin ideally. Katy has a similar look to Mary and would be a brilliant foil to Sacha.€
And that she once said she was a fan of Queen and snuck into a friends house to watch MTV:
€œI remember hearing Killer Queen by Queen and falling down in what felt like slow ­motion in my bed listening to the ­lyrics. And I thought to ­myself, €˜Oh my gosh, this music is incredible. These lyrics speak to me...€™ and that made me want to be what I am€.
And on the fact she once dressed as Freddie Mercury at a Halloween party last year; Anyway the Freddie Mercury biopic, which has gathered some significant steam in the past month, finds Sacha Baron Cohen taking the lead as the charismatic singer for the Queen project that looks set to reunite the writer and director of "The Queen". Peter Morgan, who was Oscar nominated for writing that movie about a contentious period in the life of our current ruler, wrote the original screenplay which last month we heard that film's director Stephen Frears was in talks to direct. Frears seems a fine choice indeed, not least because he is an accomplished filmmaker but also let€™s not forget he gave us one of cinema€™s biggest ever love letters to music from the p.o.v of those who consume it with 2001€s €œHigh Fidelity€. Meanwhile we shouldn't forget that Morgan was also Oscar nominated for his €œFrost/Nixon€ historic drama and the team of Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson, who wrote biopics of other larger than life figures with Oliver Stone€™s €œNixon€ (yes him again) and €œAli€ are also credited with the latest draft of this Mercury biopic. Has there ever been a biopic with more relevant credentials for making the project than this one? The film is being produced by Oscar-winning Graham King, best known for "The Departed", and producers have secured the rights to many of Queen€™s biggest hits, including We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions. It first announced back in September 2010 as a starring vehicle for the 40-year-old €œBorat€ star Cohen. We were told then that the movie would cover several years of Mercury€™s life €“ including the early formation of Queen, their early trials and tribulations, before culminating in their famous Live Aid performance of 1985 €“ which sounds to me like a family photo album movie. i.e. just like 99% of the musical biopics we are fed every year. As to whether Mary Austin will even appear as a character in the movie is unknown at this point. She did begin dating Mercury in the early 1970s before he became famous and they enjoyed a six-year relationship together before Queen hit it big. The relationship ended however when Mercury admitted he was bisexual, though they remained close and he often referred to her as his "common-law" wife. The film won't delve into Mercury's final days and even his fight against Aids at all, so the fact she comforted Mercury as he passed away from Aids-related pneumonia in 1991 when he was just 45-years-old, won't be addressed.
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