Keanu Reeves says CONSTANTINE 2 is unlikely

Reeves not interested in reprising any of his past roles.

Chris Evans (aka The Human Torch) revealed that he was ready to walk away from the Fantastic Four franchise, Keanu Reeves is shouting out the same sentiments about the comic book character he portrays. Hellblazer, the longest running series in Vertigo's history spanning over 200 issues (it's not called that in the movies because of it's similarity to Hellboy - go figure!) was translated into a pretty lame CGI filled confused movie, which only carried a cent of the power of the original comic. And sadly, that might be all we see for a while. IESB say they have interviewed Reeves who says he is not interested in doing another Constantine and nor does he wish to return to any of his past characters for future sequels, which also debunks a half rumor of 2007 which had him lined up to shoot a Point Break 2 (not that Swayze is in any condition for that right now). For the last two years we have heard that WB have tried to push director Francis Lawrence into a sequel to the $230 million worldwide hit but so far it's all been that, just talk.

Discuss: Do you want to see Keanu Reeves take on the Constantine character again? Would you rather the part was re-cast than see the series die? Who could replace Reeves for the role?

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