Ken & Barbie Go To Hawaii TOY STORY Short To Play Before CARS 2?

Some of my favourite character moments from the end of year celebratory montages that have been posted online recently involve Toy Story 3 lovers Ken and Barbie. Their 'love at first sight' romance was one of the coolest sub-plots of the summer and well, they were made to be with each other after all. Excitedly, it looks like their adventures together are going to continue on screen. Story artist Floyd Numan has revealed on twitter that he has seen the latest Pixar short, which we presume is the Toy Story centric film previously announced to be attached to prints of Cars 2 in the summer...
€œSaw the Pixar Hawaii short. Cute.... Ken and Barbie want to go to Hawaii. I don€™t know what it€™s gonna be attached to. Fun stuff, however.€
Presumably Michael Keaton (the best thing he has done in years) and Jodi Benson voice Ken and Barbie, respectively. I kind of like the idea that when they inevitably do Toy Story 4 (which they will, but not for YEARS) that a major sub-plot involves a love triangle between Ken, Barbie and Sindy.... but eventually Ken chooses Barbie and they have their wedding. Although one would think the British toy company behind Sindy wouldn't be too keen on their character being used in that light. Maybe Pixar could invent a rival doll with a different name. Everybody would know what they were getting it. Cars 2 opens June 24th in the U.S. and July 22nd in the U.K. and now with a Ken & Barbie short you have a reason to see it!
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