Kevin Feige Promises A Fantastic Four Movie "On The Level They Deserve"

Marvel's first family is back (almost).


He didn't have to show any footage, he didn't even have to show a logo, all Kevin Feige had to do to bring the house down at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend was utter two words into the microphone: "Fantastic Four". Closing out their round of announcements was finally the promise that Feige will be tackling the iconic set of superheroes now that the Fox/Disney deal has been finalised, even if it won't be coming until after the relatively short Phase Four is over.

Unsurprisingly, everyone at the event had burning questions about how the superhero team is going to be tackled in this universe, especially after two attempts at realising them on the big screen crashed and burned, to which Feige has been characteristically withheld about. Confirming that casting is a long way off yet and that a story is to be locked down, the producer did reveal how committed his team is to doing the property justice.

Speaking to Variety, Feige said that he was "extremely excited" to begin work on the Fantastic Four movie, and that the plan was, first and foremost, "bringing Marvel's first family up to the platform and the level that they deserve."


Though fans are excited to see the team reappear on the big screen, especially in this established universe, there is a lot riding on the project. The Fantastic Four have famously not worked so far on a cinematic level, and it might take a lot to win general audiences over - something which everyone at Marvel is totally committed to achieveing.


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