Kevin Smith does The Palms in Las Vegas, Nov. 12th and 13th

Kevin Smith's Q & A concerts, are by now, legendary. I've witnessed many and I can tell you from first hand experience that they are the most hilarious live events I've ever had the pleasure of attending. They aren't necessarily stand-up shows but Smith hits my comic book geek/film industry button, and I'll be damned if any comedian working today has made me laugh harder, or more frequently. The Palms in Las Vegas has just announced two nights of Smith goodness on November 12th and 13th, and if you are wondering which night to purchase tickets for, here's the answer. BOTH. Because of the Q & A format, each night is widely different, especially show this time around as the first night is advertised as a 'View Askewniverse celebration' with his friend Jason Mewes, and the second night is the regular Q & A. I wish I could see both. Purchase your tickets below;
On the November 12th, funny man Kevin Smith is joined by longstanding partner Jason Mewes for a exuberant night of comedic laughter as they take a trip back to "View Askewniverse"! CLICK HERE TO BUY! On November 13th, get up-close and personal with one of Hollywood's most gifted and hilarious filmmakers. See the raunchy, offensive, and convivial Kevin Smith for a Q&A that is sure to have you falling out your seat. CLICK HERE TO BUY!
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