Kevin Smith seeks DANGER

MTV that the film will likely be his tenth feature after he completes work on ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and his "religious horror" film RED STATE.

€œI think it would be kinda cool to go larger budget and shoot some effects on that one,€ says Smith.
The director recently helmed the pilot episode for TV shoe REAPER and he's obviously come away from that feeling he was capable of moving onto more visually challenging stories.
€œREAPER made me feel a bit more confident when it comes to effect shoots - not like I€™m going out and seeking them, but when it comes to one like RANGER DANGER I €˜maybe when I€™m fifty I€™ll be ready for it,€™€ Smith says. €œBut now I feel like, it€™s easier to work through things.
€œI maybe kind of feel like I maybe can approach RANGER DANGER, and not fuck it up completely.€
For years I've wanted to see Smith try and move on creatively. In his earlier career he worked as a writer for hire on projects such as SUPERMAN LIVES and THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and flirted with the notion of directing a big-screen take on THE GREEN HORNET. I would've loved to have seen that, despite the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal was badly miscast as Britt Reid. If Smith strives for the respect and credibility he had back when CHASING AMY came out, then he needs to break out of the View Askew Universe he's so firmly shackled into (by himself, and by his frightening web fanbase). ZACK AND MIRI will not do that, but both RANGER DANGER and in particular RED STATE could push him to another level. source - mtv movies blog

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