Kevin Spacey is the ultimate HORRIBLE BOSS!

But can he top the scariest movie boss of all time; his Buddy Ackerman from Swimming With Sharks?

Here's a movie I have high hopes for. THR say Kevin Spacey has joined Horrible Bosses, New Line's big 'workplace comedy' of next summer that revolves around three best friends (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) who just can't take the daily abuse from their respective bosses anymore - making a pact to call scam artist Motherfucker Jones (Jamie Foxx) to 'take them out'. I guess, it's billed as Office Space meets Strangers on a Train. It definitely has the feel of a Mike Judge comedy, and with Bateman likely to play the main protagonist, we think this might be his defining screen role. Jennifer Aniston (a nympho dentist) and Colin Farrell (coke-addled heir to a large chemical company) are the other two bosses. Filming begins July 7th in L.A. with Seth Gordon (hopefully the King of Kong version, and not his sell-out Four Christmases doppelganger) directing. Spacey then is the final piece to an impressive casting puzzle, playing Harkin; 'the master manipulator' or what Joss Whedon used to call in Buffy as 'the big boss'. For everyone who remembers his turn in Swimming With Sharks, a movie that late in the mid 90's terrified me to the point that I was unsure if I ever wanted to seek employment (and I truly wonder if I have ever recovered), it's an awesome piece of casting. Especially as Spacey has been absent from high profile films pretty much since his Lex Luthor gig ended, with only the odd cameo/supporting role exceptions. The role was much sought after among A-list elites with Tom Cruise, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Jeff Bridges all showing huge interest in the part, and I've heard Harkin is one of the best written supporting roles Hollywood has seen in a while (anyone care to pass the script along?). I would have enjoyed any of them in the playing him, but Spacey feels right. The script surprisingly comes from a now adult John Francis Daley, the ex Freaks and Geeks star who wrote the script for New Line a few years ago and is now finally picking up steam.
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