Kick-Ass Jane Goldman On Board X-Men: First Class

Following inevitably on from the news that Matthew Vaughn was to get back with his X and helm 'X-Men: First Class', comes the addition of Jane Goldman as co-writer. Goldman, of course, co-wrote Vaughn's recent 'Kick Ass' and his previous effort 'Stardust', so it was something of a given that they would get together on this. As well as being a successful writer Goldman is wife to TV personality Jonathan Ross, and it was he who made the news via a mysterious (though obvious) tweet, and has since been fielding a stream of X-Men questions, culminating in:
"I am afraid I better not answer any more queries re X Men First Class for fear of spoilers and also possible divorce. Thank you."
But is absolutely official, the story confirmed on sites such as Collider. So, what remains to be seen is if they'll be starting from scratch or using the story idea from original X-Men helmer Bryan Singer and adapted by Jamie 'Street Kings' Moss. Goldman (centre) with Matthew Vaughn (seated left) and Neil Gaiman (leather jacket) on the set of 'Stardust'. However, I feel the biggest question mark still lingering over the project is, is the audience really interested in a X-Men kids overhaul like this, alongside the up-coming - similarly re-schooled - 'Spiderman' reboot? Fox has booked June 2011 for this flick, so expect a lot of news thick and fast as Vaughn and Goldman get underway with a hasty casting and shooting process. So, who is there to fill the tiny shoes of teen-Cyclops and young Jean Grey? Chloe Moretz? Logan Lerman? Rupert Grint? Any suggestions!
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