Kiera Knightley wooed for Princess Diana?

I wouldn't put to much faith into this story, it's from that evil British tabloid The Sun so it's got a 10% chance of being true... A controversial new book called Diana and the Paparazzi has started a huge bidding war between movie studio's who see this potential film as being the next big royal hit like The Queen was last year. The book was written by two photographers who took thousands of photographs of Diana whilst she was alive and the book explorers the complicated relationship between the former Princess and the paparazzi over the years. Kiera Knightley is apparently being touted to star in the lead role as Princess Diana. Quentin Reynolds, the film's producer is currently shopping the project around Cannes and he came up with this brilliant quote...

"For every pound The Queen makes, a film about Diana would make ten"

Seriously, never trust a salesman. I can believe they are they are shopping the project around Cannes but the bit about Knightley is purely to speculate some buzz around the project. She's a talented actress though and she could lead a movie of this magnitude for sure, but The Queen was the Diana flick... we don't need anymore.


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