King Kong Vs. Godzilla: 10 Reasons You Should Be Excited

Seconds out, round two.

In case you missed it, there have been some significant developments in regards to the upcoming King Kong reboot, Kong: Skull Island. The film, which was originally a collaboration between Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures, has now traded hands to Warner Bros. Now, such a shake up might not seem particularly noteworthy, as such dealings are common place in the Hollywood system, but there's something more here. WB and Legendary were of course the studios behind last year's Godzilla reboot. With Kong: Skull Island now being distributed by the same duel studios as the King of the Monsters, is this the first step to bringing them together for a modern clash of the titans? It certainly seems so, which is kind of a big deal. Godzilla and King Kong are the two most famous giant monsters in cinema history. The first time they faced one another was way back in 1962 with the release of King Kong vs. Godzilla. The film became a major hit in both Japan and the United States, grossing more than any other film in the Godzilla series to this very day when adjusted for inflation. And yet, despite the enormous success of the pairing, Godzilla and King Kong have not crossed paths again since then, though both have become global icons of popular culture. With this current development however, it is looking very likely that they will come together once more, which is extremely exciting for fans of sci-fi and monster movies, especially in combination with the confirmed Legendary Godzilla trilogy. If you aren€™t pumped for this inevitable rematch, you should be. These are some of the reasons to be looking forward to the rumored new King Kong vs. Godzilla.

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