KNOWING poster certainly knows WAR OF THE WORLDS

Still carrying the worst tagline in movie history...

"What happens when the numbers run out?"
which I can still hear in a monotone Nicolas Cage line reading from the trailer, is the first official poster for KNOWING, next March's disaster epic which reminds me of Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS poster. Not a complete rip-off but you will admit that similarities do exist? Really disliked the trailer and I feel like I've seen enough of these cryptic, end of the world conspiracy theory movies. Putting Nicolas Cage's character from NATIONAL TREASURE into the sci-fi/disaster environment doesn't excite me one smidgen. But the attachment of director Alex Proyas (DARK CITY, I, ROBOT) gives me hope. I once called him the only saviour of sci-fi in modern day filming (that was during James Cameron's break from movie making), lets hope that statement carries some vindication. source - aicn
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