Kristen Stewart & Viggo Mortensen In Talks For SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN?

The latest in a line of sequels, remakes, rehashes, adaptations and €œre-imaginings€ to seemingly be in the Hollywood studio works is Snow White. Already having suffered a post-humous assault in Disney€™s recent adaptation of Rapunzel, cynically entitled Rapunzel, the Brothers Grimm can anticipate a further series of retrospective plunderings by the corporate movie machine. Already in post-production and cursed by a deeply uninspiring trailer, Red Riding Hoodhas received the €œTwilight treatment€ at the hands of Catherine Harwicke and Warner Bros. And this seems likely to take the tale€™s ancient themes of nascent sexuality and aggression and force them into yet another ghastly adolescent display of overwrought introspection. But, if that were not enough, it seems Universal pictures are also keen to exploit this sub-trend in the ocean of derivativeness. Since the 1940s up until its regrettable video release, each and every generation of children has enjoyed Disney€™s debut feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. And, while stylistically it has one or two inevitable imperfections, it is those that seal its charm, rather than undermine it. It remained, for generations, a seminal children€™s movie and among the jewels in the crown of the once loved Disney Corporation. But in the current climate, where to accuse a film producer of exploitation is regarded as bothersome nit-picking, those memories are soon to be consumed by a big-budget, live-action €œinterpretation€ of the ancient folk tale, and in the midst of a rumoured €œname€ cast, the lead is likely to be none-other than Kristen Stewart. Deadline reports that the actress €œlooms large as a potential lead€, playing Snow White herself. Sucker Punch actress Emily Browning also screen-tested last week. Stewart is regarded as being immensely bankable at the moment, due to her ongoing part in mopey teenaged angstfest, Twilight. She then followed this up with an immaculately cast version of Joan Jett in The Runaways. However, her persona and range have thus far, been pointed, but limited. He downward arched mouth and pale skin lending themselves perfectly to the sullen perma-scowled outsiders of the aforementioned films, but they don€™t- one suspects- allow for a particular departure from such mannerisms. The fear, of course, is that Universal are assembling a cast of names- including, potentially, Viggo Mortenson and Charlize Theron (both said to be in talks) - without really possessing a clear artistic vision to which to apply them. Certainly, the fact that these stars will - if talks go well - be under the direction of Rupert Sanders, a British director of shorts without a single prior IMDB credit to his name suggests a witches castle built on foundations of sand.
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