KUNG FU PANDA co-director saves HE-MAN!

Thank God for John Stevenson!!! According to close sources at Latino Review, who usually have it absolutely spot on for exclusives like this, they have it on good authority that Stevenson, the co-director of this summer's KUNG FU PANDA went into Warner Bros. offices and gave the pitch of a lifetime for a HE-MAN: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie. Warner Bros. were so blown away by the meeting they have resurrected a project they had killed off earlier in the year and are now anxious to get the ball rolling. Presumably Stevenson's pitch did not involve Justin Marks' script. Stevenson who made his directorial debut with PANDA has a history in art animation, beginning as an art designer on The Muppet Show and working on the visual art effects of LABYRINTH, THE DARK CRYSTAL (although both uncredited) and was the storyboard artist on SHREK 2 and MADAGASCAR. Latino Review tell us to expect an official trade announcement in the coming days.

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