Lasseter kills off the Disney straight to dvd sequels

cinderella_3_2007_dvd.jpgI've always had a problem with the straight-to-dvd sequels that Disney put out every year. They are always of the lowest grade standard and truly don't deserve the label of "Disney". They are surely the most blatant way ripping off parents into buying more adventures of the original characters which their children are invested in. I really feel sorry for the kids who own things like Cinderalla III: A Twist in Time. They are missing out on the real magic of the Disney animated feature and actually a point needs to be raised that in my local DVD store, you can't actually get hold of some of the real Disney classics but there's hundreds of copies of their rip-off's available. John Lasseter and Steve Jobs the executive heads of Pixar have put a stop to all this. They have chucked away over $30 million's worth of production because the early cuts of films such as the upcoming Tinkerbell Movie have been according to Lasseter, "virtually unwatchable". Those films thank God we won't get to see... The Aristocrats 2, Chicken Little 2: The Ugly Duckling Story, Meet the Robinsons 2: First Date and more. Yes they are all real movies that were in development at Disney, I haven't just made them up! In depth article about this over at Jim Hill Media (via Slash Film).

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