Late Night Sessions: Evil Dead II

When I got to thinking how I should start this feature off, well let's just say Evil Dead II was the first thing that came to mind.

Hello readers it's been a while. Today I€™m starting a new weekly feature on WhatCulture called Late Night Sessions in which I recommend late night films for your viewing pleasure as we hurdle towards those lazy summer nights. Yes it€™s only May but The Avengers (sorry... Avengers Assemble) has beautifully kicked off 2012€™s summer Blockbusters period as it seems the industry keeps moving this holiday season earlier and earlier with every year. Any who, as an avid film fan myself I know how fun late night screenings can be and how magical those Friday/Saturday nights are when you glue yourself to the settee stick a DVD on at say 1am and just chill. This feature is aimed at you late nighters, as I€™ll be recommending what movies suit this elusive hour over the coming weeks; going on running times, entertainment value, easy accessibility (is the plot simple to follow), cult status, genre, laughs and so on so on. I€™ll also be recommending TV shows in this similar vein, and if you€™re feeling super rebellious I€™ll have suggestions for double bills. When I got to thinking how I should start this feature off, well let's just say Evil Dead II was the first thing that came to mind. This cult classic ticks every box as Sam Raimi turns the fun factor up to 11 and delivers one superb B-Movie gem. The retcon sequel to Raimi€™s 1981 cult debut The Evil Dead is a comedy/horror masterpiece which flourishes in the early hours. With a running time of 84 minutes there€™s no filler, no time to drop off and with the most simplistic of plots the viewer can just lazily enjoy the thrills. If you€™re not familiar with the premise, the 1987 flick finds Bruce Campbell€™s Ash holding up in a cabin fighting off the €˜evil dead€™ whilst having his own demons to deal with and only a chainsaw for company. The film sets the bar for corny, horror/action movies to follow and gets by on Raimi€™s revolutionary cinematography and that wonderful 80s charm which offers the laughs and equal chills with each scene. The film opens with that famous recap which sums up the previous film and builds upon it in mere minutes, what follows is a rollercoaster ride into the abyss as each set piece carries that classic style. If you€™re aware of the film there€™s a hell of a lot of crazy to look forward to, with the singing moose and the infamous mirror scene; dancing zombies and one pesky, possessed hand. If I were to grade this as a late night film, it would be a very high 4 out of 5, as the film teems with the darkest of comedy and that 80s twisted horror styling which has been manufactured so many times since. That B Movie charm which epitomises it can also be a down side at times yet the film just keeps on going, there€™s no time to really contemplate the cheesy lines or the pointless mythology. Simply put, when you€™re bored on a Friday Night you can€™t go wrong with this classic piece of cult cinema. Double Bill recommendations: The Evil Dead (If you€™re feeling nostalgic, for the true fans) The Cabin In The Woods (when this is out on DVD it€™d make for an interesting comparison) A Nightmare On Elm Street (for more of that 80s horror/comedy goodness) and finally a TV recommendation: Garth Marenghi€™s Darkplace (this horror satire can be found on 4OD for our British audience, it€™s a pitch perfect comedy with a great cult following. Look out for the cardboard gravestones and endless horror clichés)


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