Leaked Avengers: Infinity War Set Photos Confirm A Return To [Spoiler]

This is going to be the craziest Marvel movie yet.

Infinity War

As we're now in the year of Marvel's most ambitious and potentially risky ensemble yet (Infinity War marks the end of a number of stars' contracts, alongside a pivotable moment where some fan favourites could bite the big one), leaks and set images are only going to increase in number.

2018's first major one comes from JustJared, and though we can't host the images ourselves, you can find them all over here. That said, plot theories are going to abound from what's inside, and it's here where we'll be delving into spoilers:



So, it seems that some part of Infinity War is going to involve returning to the battle of New York, as seen in the first Avengers movie. We know this from what Captain America is wearing, though there's one thing even more tantalising that throws a spanner in the works: A time-distillation device, seen on various characters' wrists.

Either - in experimenting with time travel following some disastrous Thanos-caused event - many of our heroes end up in the past and the battle is a stopgap, or even better, what if Cap dies in the present day timeline, and the Avengers are forced to go back in time to essentially grab another version of him?


Why the battle of New York? Well, this represents the peak, "ideal" version of Cap, not tainted by the events of Lagos and certainly without any allusions of becoming Nomad, or warring with Iron Man.

Could Infinity War be pushing the reset button on Captain America by plucking him out of time to fight Thanos? Let us know your own theories down below.

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