LEGO Batman Movie: 75 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

Holy major references, Batman!

LEGO Batman Easter Eggs
Warner Bros.

There will no doubt be some discomfort among purist, traditionalist Batman fans at the minute, because the heavily parodying, delightfully funny LEGO Batman Movie has just made a very pertinent claim of being one of the best Batman movies ever made. It's certainly more enjoyable than either of his appearances in the DCEU so far...

The film is a lovingly crafted homage to Batman lore as opposed to one seeking to pull the source material to shreds for cheap gags. It is steeped in Batman's mythology, deeply aware of the symbolism and iconography of the character and well aware of where he and his supporting figures - both good and bad - came from.

Thankfully, director Chris McKay gave his team a lot of scope to put their love of Batman into the film, adding fan-baiting touches in the background as well as some surprising non-DC universe Easter Eggs that will definitely have you reaching for Google. And the references come thick and fast and in a way that is completely authentic to the story-telling process: nothing is distracting, it all just adds colour and enjoyment.

Here's every Easter Egg, reference and in-joke in The LEGO Batman Movie...


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